BRU y RUBIO offers for sale a wide range of high quality components and services for injection moulds such as mould bases, Standard Elements, P Plates, Hot Runners and all the necessary accessories for injection moulds.
BRU y RUBIO celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. Established in 1962 (half a century ago!) this company specialises in customised service with the aim to assist our customers in improving their competitiveness in a global market.
We are currently present in Europe, South-Africa and South America. Our 50 years experience and more than 10,000 customers vouch for our quality service.


With over 50,000 products available in stock our customers’ service has achieved excellence and we have a 24 hour delivery service throughout Europe.
Our plate warehouse has more than 1 million kgs of finished plates, with more than 35000 finished plates.
Bru y Rubio does not only consist of its internal team, our clients form a very important part of our organization and are a fundamental part of each of the decisions that are taken every day in the company.
Our aim is to offer the best value for money in the worldwide market.

Bru y Rubio is totally focused on:

1-Optimizing the satisfaction of our customers.

2-Continually improving our products both in quality and in the ranges available.

3-Achieving reliable and increasingly shorter delivery times.

4-Full technical support.

5-Continually increasing our product range.

Warehouse corporate
Bru y Rubio Corporate

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