intercom Bru y Rubio

INTERCOM is a modern Italian company that has been operating since 1981 in the market of standardized moulds and dies manufacturing “IN DIE TAPPING UNITS” die-sinking machines.

The INTERCOM “IN DIE TAPPING UNITS” die tapping machines, available in mechanical and electronic versions, are offered:

  • Cost reduction for blanks and threaded parts.
  • Elimination of costly secondary operations.
  • Small investment for high returns.
  • The tap has a higher breaking strength instead of the cut thread.
  • Tap life between 50,000 and 300,000 strokes (according to thread dimension and material type).
  • It can work at 200 strokes / min according to the dimension of the thread and the type of material.
intercom Bru y Rubio

You can download CAD files and new Catalogues from here:

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