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Conveyor 22 AB is a high-tech company located in  northwest of Blekinge, Sweden.
The vision of Conveyor 22 is to set a new global standard for industrial processing and conveying of solid material.
The mission of Conveyor 22 is to design, manufacture and sell electric linear conveyors directly to Scandinavian customers and international representatives, for applications in industrial conveying processes.


Advantages of using the Electric Conveyor 22

► Low energy consumption: It consumes only 5% of the energy used by a pneumatic conveyor.
► Quiet: Only 60 dB (A). Due to the electrical energy and low internal friction.
► Mechanical speed adjustment: Focus on the force or speed to be chosen, depending on what is going to be moved, arranged, ordered or separated. The mechanical speed adjustment allows you to easily configure the feeder for different needs.
► Eliminate/reduce downtime: Eliminate costly downtime. Built-in motion sensors monitor production and ensure 100 percent productivity.
► Easy to install: It is very easy and quick to install the conveyor with only four screws. The infeed tray is easily mounted with the screws and washers supplied with the Conveyor.
► Maintenance free: The ball bearing mechanism of the conveyor operates in an oil bath and is completely encapsulated. There is only one moving outer part.
► Different quick and smart assembly accessories to speed up and simplify the configuration of your production line.


The best way to check their effectiveness and the different applications is to watch the VIDEOS demonstrating applications already installed.

You can also download the complete Conveyor22 Catalogue and CAD files by clicking on the following icons.

Conveyor 22: “The best transport system: pioneering, sustainable, simple and intelligent”.