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GSB Matriceria

Founded in Istanbul (Turkey) in 1996, GSB Oilless has gained international prestige by offering innovative and competitive solutions in the cutting and stamping die market.

An innovative product that provides a cost reduction in the acquisition of the product and also an outstanding value in maintenance, eliminating the need to remove the die from the press for maintenance.
In addition, the cost of the inserts is much lower than the cost of a solid part.

elevación matriceria Bru y Rubio


gsb-logo-ford Bru y rubio
gsb-logo-BMW Bru y Rubio
gsb-logo-PSA Bru y Rubio
gsb-logo-Mercedes Bru y Rubio
gsb-logo-Renault Bru y Rubio
Gsb Grupo VW Bru y Rubio
gsb-logo-FiatChrysler Bru y Rubio

You can also download the complete GSB Catalogue and its CAD files by clicking on the following icons.

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